What Did I Accomplish?

While spending a lot of time at home lately, I have been thinking about people who have endured very difficult situations or achieved success through hard work. in particular, three books of human courage come to mind. The first; Endurance, tells of Sir Ernest Shackleton and his men surviving a journey home in 1915 after their ship is trapped and crushed by ice in the Antarctic. The second; The Long Walk, tells of a Polish lieutenant who escaped with six fellow prisoners in 1941 from a Soviet labor camp in Siberia. And the third; Undaunted Courage, tells of the incredible expedition across the United States by Lewis and Clark. Two tenacious individuals I thought of were Abraham Lincoln and Harry Truman. Abraham Lincoln studied by candlelight to become a lawyer, and Harry Truman, at the age of 14, had read every single book in the Independence, Missouri library. 
When we can all move about freely again, will you be able to tell about something that you accomplished? Will you say that you spent your time sleeping in, playing video games, or watching movies? Or will you be able to say that you read some books, practiced a musical instrument, or wrote a blog? For me, I am teaching myself to play the flute. Like any beginning student, I practice 30 minutes a day on the flute, in addition to practicing clarinet and saxophone. Let's see how well you play your instrument and I play flute at the end of this.  

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