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Andy Sherwood: Equipment

These are my set-ups on clarinet and saxophone from classical to jazz. 

Classical and Jazz Clarinet
Instrument: Buffet R-13  
Mouthpieces: MoBa or CG+ Crystals or Eddie Daniels Backun
Reeds: Legere European 3.75 (Crystals) or Vandoren V-12 #4 (ED)
Ligatures: BG Regular or Silverstein CRYO4 or Eddie Daniels

Jazz Tenor Saxophone
Instrument: Selmer Series III
Mouthpieces: Otto Link STM 7* or Eddie Daniels Drake OS 6*
Reeds: Vandoren V16 #3 (STM) or D'Addario Select Jazz 3H filed (ED)
Ligatures: Selmer 

Jazz Alto Saxophone
Instrument: Selmer Series II
Mouthpiece: Meyer 5M   
Reeds: Vandoren Java Green #3
Ligature: Selmer

Classical Tenor and Alto Saxophone
Selmer C* on both with Vandoren V-12 #3 (alto) and #3½ (tenor)