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Andy Sherwood: Blog

Pete Fountain's New Orleans and Swing Low Sweet Clarinet

Posted on March 14, 2012

These were the next two albums that came into my possession on my journey of discovering Pete Fountain. I was in 10th grade by now and still taking lessons and listening to Pete. A trombone player in the high school band decided to put together a band and asked me if I was interested in playing, and I said that I was. So, one weekend he had a drummer, trumpet player, tuba player, and me come over to his house. His dad joined us on piano and we played out of the old "Combo-Orks" books. I didn't know anything about improvising at the time and pretty much just stuck to the written notes. At one point I decided to hit some high notes over the ensemble and magic happened. I loved hearing those notes soar above everyone else. Later on we rehearsed at the drummer's house, and his mom was really into it. We would sit around talking about our great plans for the future of the band, and his mom would be as enthusiastic as we were. She worked in a library and one time gave me two very used Pete Fountain albums that the library was getting rid of. Those are the titles at the top of this page, and those albums were also well worn after awhile.